FAQ regarding the move to the new school building



When will the school be moving?

The last day for pupils in the current buildings will be 31 March 2017. We are then moving everything to the new school building the week before the Easter break (3rd – 7th April 2017). Therefore, the first day back for the children after Easter will be Tuesday 25 April 2017, this is when the children will enter the new building via the current Dolphin School entrance on Cheltenham Road. (Please note that Monday 24 April is an inset day).


 What options do you suggest for my child/ren during the additional holiday week before Easter?

As the school will be closed an additional week from 3 April 2017 – 7 April 2017 (so we can move over to the new building), we have investigated a number of childcare options that you may wish to consider. These include:


 a)     Clifton College will be running a holiday club that week. We have negotiated a special offer where they will offer one free day of childcare for any paid bookings taken during that time e.g. if you book three days you only need to pay for two. You can book through their website http://www.ccsl-cliftoncollege.com/holiday-club-and-activities/holiday-clubs/  When you speak to them please mention you are a Dolphin School parent to receive the free day.


b)    Redland High will be running a holiday club from 3 April and The Dolphin School children are welcome to attend.  For more information see www.redlandhigh.com/rascals.


Alternative suggestions include: sharing the childcare across a number of parents. For example, if five parents get together and each take a day off work and look after each other’s children, you would only have to take one day off work, but have childcare arranged for the week.  Other parents have mentioned that it works well, as they have found it is easier to look after five children rather than one child. For those that work part time, you could try and find other parents that work the same days and share it that way.


Why can we not use the new entrance?

Unfortunately, there have been some delays relating to the highway works, which are out of the control of the school. We can assure you that the school and the Trust are doing all that they can to work with the Council and local community to ensure that this process runs as smoothly as possible. Therefore, we will be using the Cheltenham Road entrance and will access the new building via an internal access path (with stairs) until the road improvements are completed.


When can we use the new entrance?

It is anticipated that these road improvements will be undertaken during the school summer holidays when the local roads are quieter. Once the works have been completed, then we will be able to use the Bath Buildings entrance.


 How about entrance for mobility impaired pupils or visitors?

We have had the approval from the Planning Department at Bristol City Council that mobility impaired pupils can use the Bath Buildings entrance to the new school building from 25 April 2017.


What time do I need to drop off and pick up my child?

 To ensure the safety of everyone, our plan is to stagger the arrival and departure times at the beginning and end of the school day. This will be active from 25 April 2017, please see the interim travel plan (timetable). During the planning of the timetable we have ensured different arrival and departure times than those published by the neighbouring Colson’s Girls’ School in order to minimise congestion. Therefore, please could you ensure that you stick to these times.


 Parking and travelling to school?

In the interest of safety, we encourage parents and carers to park away from the school. We encourage walking, cycling and public transport. Please note the new school has a cycle and scooter parking facility.


In the interim phase (before we can use the Bath Buildings entrance) do we have access to the cycle and scooter parking facilities?

Yes, bikes and scooters can be parked at the current Dolphin School site (and if necessary scooters could be parked in the new playground)


 What happens if I need to drop off or pick up outside of the times allocated in the interim plans?

If you are late dropping off your child or if you have to pick up early, please go to the reception on Cheltenham Road and a member of staff will arrange for your child to be escorted safely to the new building. Please allow extra time for this to happen.


 What are the benefits of the new school building?

We are really looking forward to moving into our new building. Once the dust has settled, we will finally all be in one place, together as one community. We will have 14 classrooms spread over three floors and each year group will have its own colour. We will have a modern, secure facility consisting of a large hall, a studio hall and a fully fitted kitchen. We will have an internal playground with an undercover canopy area and an outdoor roof garden - to extend the classroom space for learning. This is an exciting time for the whole school community.


 Are there any more tours of the new school building?

Yes, there is an Information Day on 24 April 2017 from 2:30pm – 5pm. Current parents and pupils are welcome to come along and take a look around. Younger siblings are welcome, please note you will need to leave your buggy outside. Entrance will be via Cheltenham Road.


 How will the move be managed?

We have a ‘move team’ who have drawn up plans to manage the transition to the new school building. The team consists of an external company to move things such as furniture, and we also have huge support from The Trust, so the move can be carried out before the Easter holidays.


Will there be a mock run through?

During the week of the move we will be having mock runs of the entrance and exit to the school, to ensure that everything runs smoothly on the first day back.


 What is happening with After School Clubs and Holiday Clubs?

Sparks will be taking on the After School Club and Holiday Club provision when we move to the new school building. Initially the After School Club will be based in the old Dolphin School classrooms as this makes it easier with access issues. Sessions will run from 3:30pm – 6pm and the first session will be on Tuesday 25 April.


Where can I find out more about the new school building?

For further information please watch this website, which we will be updating regularly. Alternatively, follow us on twitter @TheDolphinSch.