Travel to School

Travelling To Our School

At The Dolphin School we strongly encourage parents to find sustainable ways to travel to school with their children, whether that's using public transport, walking, cycling or riding scooters. There are many benefits to doing this. Depending on how you’re travelling, they could include: health improvements; improved academic attainment linked to physical fitness; more time to talk properly to your child, and reduced stress.

The city centre location of The Dolphin School means that we have excellent transport links. We also know that many of our families live and work locally and therefore do not have to make an extra journey to get their children to school.

  • The TravelWest website provides extensive information on all forms of sustainable transport in the Bristol area.  
  • For extensive cycling information and advice, see the Sustrans website.

Not by car, please
Travelling by car is bad for the environment, adding to congestion and pollution in the city centre. It can also put the safety of pupils and other pedestrians and cyclists at risk, particularly in the restricted space of Bath Buildings.

Travelling to our School by car also presents many challenges. No parking or stopping is permitted on Bath Buildings. In line with Bristol City Council's requirements, we do not have a designated dropping-off area for children and there are no visitor parking spaces at the school. We have extremely limited staff and visitor parking and encourage staff and visitors to use sustainable methods of getting to school as well.

If there is no practical alternative to coming by car, please consider car-sharing. There is information about car-sharing on the TravelWest website.

The Dolphin School is just a short, safe walk to Cheltenham Road, where many bus routes have stops outside, or around, the Colston’s Girls’ School. These include routes serving the city centre, the top of Gloucester Road and further afield.  The shelters are modern with incorporated seating and timetable display boards.  For information about bus routes please see the First Bus website.

Cycling, walking and scooting
Bristol is a city which has embraced cycling culture and many of the roads in the area surrounding the school have dedicated cycle lanes.  The school provides Bikeability and Scooter Skills workshops to promote safe travel as well as providing plentiful safe storage for bikes and scooters.  All local roads have footways on one or both sides of the carriageway.

Bike and scooter facilities
The Dolphin School has 3 lockable bike pods, with safe storage for 10 bikes in each pod.  There is also Sheffield cycle stands for up to 16 bikes for staff and visitors.  There is rack storage for 44 scooters.

Montpelier train station is 0.2 miles from the school.  It has frequent and reliable connections to all stations on the Severn Beach line.  For information on rail services please see The Trainline website.

Road safety
We take the safety of our children seriously. Road safety is incorporated into our lessons. All children and parents cycling or scooting to School are strongly urged to wear helmets and reflective clothing. We plan to start offering cycle-training for our oldest children in 2017.


Residents Parking Zones (RPZ)
The Dolphin School is located in an area surrounded by the RPZ.  The school falls within the Montpelier zone but is neighboured by the St Paul's and Cotham zones.  Full details of parking restrictions on the roads in all three areas can be found on the Bristol City Council website.  Maps of the 3 zones are set out below.
Paid Car Parking
Please see below details of car carks in the local area with the direction to the school.