Vision, Value and Aims

At The Dolphin School we believe that learning is a life long journey of discovery, new experiences and opportunities. We live in an evolving and ever-changing world and our learning should be relevant to our lives. Everyday should be filled with happiness, excitement and wonder as we prepare for the next stage, the next challenge, the next memory.

Our Vision

Our vision is to inspire learning for life where children feel safe, valued and respected and have the confidence and self-belief to build the skills that they need for a bright and successful future as happy members of the world community.

Our vision is built on our core values and the need to value ourselves, each other and our future. These values reflect the British Values as defined by the government in 2011.

Our Values

At The Dolphin School our school values underpin all that we do. They represent our beliefs on what is important to us as educators, to the children that we teach and to the school community as a whole. They were agreed through consultation with staff, pupils and Governors [including parent representation] and are reviewed regularly.

Our values are embedded throughout the curriculum, our behaviours and the school environment. We teach them directly through school assemblies and our school council and work hard to ensure that they are understood and exemplified by all.

At The Dolphin School we expect all members of our school community to respect our values and treat each other with the courtesy, respect and understanding that we all deserve.

At The Dolphin School we create happy members of the world community.

Our school values of Respect, Responsibility, Curiosity and Resilience help to drive the aims of our school. At The Dolphin School we aim for all of our children to be happy, confident individuals who are motivated to learn. We have high aspirations for ourselves and our children and believe that everyone has the capacity to grow and improve through effort and a growth mindset to learning. At The Dolphin School we are committed to ensuring the highest quality teaching and learning and promote a culture of collaboration and trust between staff, pupils and parents.

Our Aims

For ourselves: We aim for resilience and responsibility We aim for our children to be happy and confident learners by providing a safe and caring environment, which fosters self-esteem and a sense of belonging. We encourage the children to be responsible learners who understand and value their education and their role in it.

For each other: We aim for respect and curiosity We aim for all our children to learn respect and develop moral values, valuing differences and having consideration for others. We recognise individual abilities, needs and differences. We aim for all our children to blossom free from bullying and discrimination, inequality and injustice. Through our curriculum and our activities we aim for our children to be interested and engaged in the world that they live in.

For our future: We aim for excellence We aspire to high standards for all our children, and aim to provide an inspirational curriculum based on real life experiences. We aim to give all our children a positive start to school and a firm foundation for learning for the rest of their lives.